Upcoming Events




Starting Date Event Title Registration
9/01/2019 HRIC Conference
22/01/2019 Leadership Team Ambition Scale
24/01/2019 Rob Gillanders speaking as past of The Irish Security Series Eventbrite
26/01/2019 Irish accounting and finance association conf. and doctorial colloquium
28/01/2019 Part-Time Open Evening
28/01/2019 James Greevy, Head of Product Marketing, Herdwatch Eventbrite


Starting Date Event Title Registration
4/02/2019 David Bell, Senior Brand Manager, EMEA for Crunchy Nut and Extra at Kellogs
11/02/2019 Dr Brendan Cahill, Programme Manager, EPBD Delivery at Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI)
11/02/2019 Full-Time opening evening Eventbrite
12/02/2019 Get Started Conference 2019 Eventbrite
18/02/2019 Frances Mitchell, Business Development Manager, Dolmen Design
21/02/2019 Paul Stringer talking to NED Class in HG20
25/02/2019 Sinead McCluskey, Director of Commercial Innovation, PEI Surgical



Starting Date Event Title Registration
4/03/2019 Darragh Richardson speaking to MINT Class
5/03/2019 Get Social
8/03/2019 Joe Walsh, Current BBS Student, Video Clip
13/03/2019 Paul Quinn, CEO, Office of Government Procurement and Government Chief Procurement Officer
14/03/2019 MBA Opening Evening
14/03/2019 Tadhg Guiry, Evolve Marketing
14/03/2019 Bromwyn Brophy
19/03/2019 Sustainability Event, Marta
22/03/2019 Barry Cahill, PWC
25/03/2019 Part-time opening evening provisional
25/03/2019 Dr Paul Davis speaking to MINT Class
29/03/2019 Sara Boyle, International Badminton Player, Current Student, Video Clip


Starting Date Event Title Registration
01/04/2019 Prof Thomas Ward, AIB Chair in Data Analytics, Insight Centre for Data Analytics, Dublin City University
02/04/2019 Katie McGuinness, MSDM Current Student, Video Testimonial
02/04/2019 Get Hired Conference 2019
08/04/2019 Daniel Ryan speaking to MINT Class
08/04/2019 Lukas Peherstorfer, Current MSDM Student, Video
10/04/2019 Keith Gore, AIB, Head of Pensions
11/04/2019 Ryan Scott, Founder of Drop Chef
11/04/2019 Megan Connolly, Current MSC Accounting Student
30/04/2019 National Centre for Family Business Annual Conference
30/04/2019 TY Opening Eve


Starting Date Event Title Registration
2/05/2019 Donal Boyle, PWC
14/05/2019 Niall Scanlon, Overseer, Financial Market Infrastructure at Central Bank of Ireland
21/05/2019 CIPD Conference
22/05/2019 NFCB Roadshow
15/05/2019 32nd Irish Accounting and Finance Association Annual Conference and Doctoral Colloquium 15th-17th May 2019)



Starting Date Event Title Registration
1-4/07/2019 1st ECMCRC Summer School on behavioral and neuroscientific research for Economics and Finance IIDB Website
05/07/2019 3rd ECMCRC Workshop IIDB Website