DCU Business School Professor of BioMarketing and Futures Research Luiz Moutinho was awarded an Honorary Degree by the University of Tourism and Management in Skopje Macedonia.

The title was personally assigned by the Rector of the University of Tourism and Management, Professor Ace Milenkovski for his special contribution to the development of the higher education in the Republic of Macedonia.

In his address to the Senate of UTMS Professor Luiz Moutinho expressed special gratitude to the Rector of the University of Tourism and Management in Skopje, Professor Ace Milenkovski, while stressing that it is a great honour and pleasure that he received the opportunity to cooperate with the University and contribute by sharing academic knowledge and business practices for the use of digital and mobile marketing, emphasising the necessity of creating business code of “the future is now”.

One of the primary fields of Professor Luiz Moutinho’s academic research is related to the process of modelling the behaviour of consumers. He has developed a number of conceptual models in areas such as processes in making decisions about travel destinations, automatic banking, protection of supermarkets, and more. Testing of these research models are based on the application of a number of statistical, mathematical and computer modelling techniques. Other current areas of research include neuroscience in marketing and marketing research for the future.

The mission of the University of Tourism and Management in Skopje Macedonia is to foster academic excellence and student achievement at both the graduate and undergraduate levels in the field of tourism, economy, entrepreneurship, human resources management and marketing management.


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