One of the unique elements to many of our masters programmes in the DCU Business School is the practicum, or ‘applied research project.’ This sees the students working with a client to do in-depth research on a business problem or opportunity and then working on a practical applied solution.

Students from the Masters in Management, eCommerce and Digital Marketing all pitched for clients back in January and since then have been hard at work doing research such as surveys and usability testing, and then applying the results of this research through campaigns, business strategy and more. Some of this year’s clients include Electric Ireland, Castlecomer Discovery Park and Keogh’s crisps. Last week the students made their final presentations to the academic staff as well as to their clients and also showcased their months of work on a single research poster.

“Over the course of our Practicum projects – from January’s Practicum Launch evening to August’s Client Presentations – our student groups have developed an impressive array of research skills. They have designed their research agenda in conjunction with their client company: they have absorbed all the literature in their chosen research area; they have successfully gathered data via interviews, surveys and focus groups; and they have distilled this data into practical recommendations which can be applied by our client companies as they seek to refine their product offerings, engage with their consumer base, and ultimately expand their business ventures”.

Chair of the MSc. in Management, Declan Curran.

A huge congratulations to all our students for successfully completing their practicums and also for successfully completing their masters. We wish you all the best of luck in your careers and hope you all stay in touch as alumni.


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