My name is Liam McBarron (Executive MBA 1). I applied for the Executive MBA at DCU Business School, to open my mind to the world of business around me. This Executive MBA programme is doubled credited (AMBA & AACSB (USA)) meaning that it has received a global standard in accreditation making it a more attractive option to study.

The first semester has been very busy, demanding and challenging. The subject content in all modules has been incredibly interesting. There are ample opportunities to explore new concepts and theories about each subject. Be conscious of the time constraints!

 DCU Business School are fantastic at promoting class team work and group collaboration on the MBA course. All Students accepted on my course are very open to new ideas and other people’s views. There is a culture of helping each other, where no one is left isolated.

The Executive MBA can be demanding on your personal time and family time. I have found that time management is important and it is key to constantly chip away at learning the new content and completing module assignments. Fellow students and lectures are a great source of help. The lectures are fully aware of the employment / study load. They are great at guiding students in the right direction and prompting time management.

The first semester has provided me with a great opportunity to learn new subject material. As a result it has given me confidence in my business. I am beginning to understand financial jargon whenever it is used in a business setting. I have been introduced to organisational behaviours, new marketing concepts. What is effective and what is not effective. I have learned to read financial statements, understand budgeting controls and apply traditional and ABC costings to my business.

To help consolidate what we learned in our first semester, our residency field trip under the guidance of Prof Pamela Sharkey-Scott revealed current practises, ideas and strategies with in industry. Getting the opportunity to experience private business industry, allows one to understand how everything is intricately linked and providing clarity on new subject concepts.

As I move forward into my second semester, having completed my first semester exams, I am inquisitive, excited and motivated to the challenges that lie ahead. I am aware of the constraints on time, this awareness ensures that I manage my MBA study time and my family time to get a balance. I am enthusiastic in learning new things that will help me reach my overall goal and make me more business savvy. I would strongly recommend choosing the DCU Executive MBA programme. The changes that one will experience are incremental and certainly your mind set will be open to new concepts and ideas. It has change my way of doing business.

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