Jennifer Grogan, Chartered Organisational Psychologist, gives us an insight into how completing the MSc in Work & Organisational Psychology in DCU Business School helped move her career forward.

I had worked in a HR role for over a decade and it was during this time that I decided to return to college as a mature student.  I undertook and completed a BA in psychology by night before continuing on to do a postgraduate diploma in HRM, followed by the MSc. in Work & Organisational psychology at DCU.

I signed up to do the Masters on a part-time basis and really enjoyed the way the course was structured.  It was delivered by a superb range of lecturers across a wide range of modules – each demonstrated a depth of knowledge in their subject matter areas.

For my own personal learning, I particularly enjoyed the leadership module by Dr. Melrona Kirrane, as it provided an opportunity to reflect on the impact of different leadership styles and the psychodynamics at play – which I find fascinating!

Completing my studies at DCU provided me with the opportunity to apply my knowledge on related projects at work and develop new skills.  This in turn gave me the confidence to consider and apply for new roles.  Since graduating from the course, I was successful in acquiring a new position as a Work & Organisational psychologist at ESB and working within the area of health, safety and well-being.

Finally, the course enabled me to become a Chartered Work & Organisational psychologist, with the support of my lecturers and supervised work experience – which I am grateful for!

The MSc in Work and Organisational Psychology/Behaviour at DCU Business School is the longest running specialised programme in Ireland delivering organisational psychology education.

The programme emphasises collaborative and participative team learning, and draws heavily on the experiences and insights of participants rather than on the lecturer as expert.

The programme produces professionally qualified organisational psychologists and organisational behaviour specialists who can make significant contributions to organisations wishing to achieve optimal performance.


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