Bryan Murphy (Hospital Sales Manager – A. Menarini Pharmaceuticals)

Bryan has 17+ years senior commercial management experience in the pharmaceutical, digital media, and insurance sectors. He has also acted as a mentor/coach to high performance teams in business and sport. He has been a leader of multiple teams (up to 10 direct reports) & manager of portfolios generating combined revenues of $100m+. Throughout his academic career, he has been awarded $300,000 of scholarships from internationally accredited universities in the USA (Boston University, BSc. Management), & Ireland (Dublin City University, Executive MBA).

  1.    Why did you decide to do the Executive MBA?

Undertaking DCU’s Executive MBA was the next natural step to further enhance my academic and professional experience. I wanted a globally recognised MBA, enabling me to grow my professional network and advance my career.

  1. What’s your favourite aspect of the programme?

The peer learning and networking is something I have really enjoyed. This comes to the fore in the second year of the programme; with the excellent international enterprise engagement trip to Hong Kong and mainland China. DCU ensured that our MBA class had excellent C-Suite access to international organisations including HSBC Bank, PCH, China First Capital, Invest HK, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, W Hotel, Hong Kong Airlines, Prophet, Omate, Bonham Strand, PERI, Sun Life Financial and the Irish Consulate.

DCU Business School has a highly respected faculty, who bring a combination of academic and industry experience to their respective lectures. Furthermore, the EMBA is supported by an excellent administration team, who are always available to help the students.

  1. What do you hope to do once you finish up the programme?

I will use my EMBA to advance my career and further broaden my professional network. Also, I would like to give back to the DCU/GPA community, as a small token of my appreciation for giving me this brilliant opportunity.  

  1. As someone involved in the highest level of our national sport along with study and a job, you’re a busy man! How do you manage your commitments?

The challenge with undertaking an Executive MBA programme is how you manage your time with home, work and university commitments. It is absolutely vital that you have support on all fronts and forward planning is key. Regular communication will assist with this and avoid any surprises or arguments! Also, the teams you are assigned throughout the programme are a great support network, with lasting friendships and professional connections being formed.

  1. What’s your advice to other players who are thinking of doing a qualification in addition to work and playing commitments?

Make sure you have support on both the work and home front first. Then apply, do not put it off until next year!

  1. The GPA’s Player Development Programme (PDP) consists of a comprehensive range of support services for county players in the areas of Career, Education, Health and Wellbeing, Life Skills. How will this this be of help to you as you prepare your career beyond DCU (or in the case of the MBA how has it helped you so far)?

The GPA’s Player Development Programme (PDP) is one of the main reasons I applied for the DCU/GPA EMBA Scholarship in May 2016. Thanks to the GPA’s PDP programme, I will have my EMBA qualification this year.

As part of the PDP process, I was fortunate to be assigned a brilliant coach/mentor, Fran O’Reilly ( Working closely with Fran, we put in place a career plan, with various personal/academic/professional targets and timelines. This ensured I would stay focused and always have an achievable goal to be working towards. I would highly recommend all GPA members to avail of the Player Development Programme, whether it is for personal, academic and/or professional support.

About the DCU Executive MBA

The DCU Executive MBA is a two-year part-time programme, delivered one day per week, for executives with ambitions of becoming Senior Managers/CEOs. At DCU Business School we believe that the Executive MBA should be a transformative experience at a personal level.

The DCU Executive MBA is built on four foundational pillars;
  1. Shape individuals to become effective business leaders
  2. Help transform organisations to cope with complex change
  3. Support an integrated approach to business across the enterprise
  4. Influence the sustainable and ethical approach to business within society

For more information visit The DCU Executive MBA. If you are considering undertaking the programme please contact Ruth Finnegan at


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