As part of the Accounting & Finance students’ first year Management Accounting module, the students were asked to develop a business proposal for a social enterprise.  The project was required to have two inherent features – its primary goal was to address a social, economic, community or environmental issue, and it had to generate a sustainable source of income, typically but not exclusively derived from its commercial activities.

A poster day was held on April 10th during which the students showcased a variety of innovative and well researched projects which put into action the knowledge and skills they are learning as part of their degree program and promoted social and community issues the students felt very strongly about.

KPMG sponsored the poster day giving a prize to the best project on show. The winners on the day were Laura Barret, Katelynn Casey, Yvonne Farrelly and Kate Meade who’s business entitled Evolve focused on offering fitness classes to individuals with life-limiting conditions.


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