Dr Janine Bosak, Senior Lecturer in Organisational Psychology at DCU Business School, has been appointed to the Executive Committee of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP) at the EAWOP 2017 Congress in Dublin on Thursday, 18th of May.

The Executive Committee (EC) of EAWOP is composed of six members and the president who serve for four or six years. It is the EC’s role to manage the activity of EAWOP and help deliver its mission – namely to promote and support the development and application of Work and Organizational Psychology in Europe and to facilitate links between scientists and practitioners working in this field across Europe and worldwide.

Being a member of the EC involves work and collaboration at the international level, including involvement in a variety of projects (e.g. Summer School, “WorkLab” for practitioners, scientific and professional journals, Alliance for Organizational Psychology, enhancing the impact of Work & Organizational psychology).

Dr Janine Bosak will represent Ireland on the EC EAWOP and her focus will be on a) promoting opportunities for PhD students and early career scholars; b) bridging the academic-practitioner gap; and c) developing and retaining female talent in academia


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