Professor Maura McAdam from DCUBS will lead a consortium comprising academics from Norway, Israel, and Sweden with a shared commitment to the promotion of gender equality through structural change, as well as to the integration of sex and gender analysis in research. The consortium has been awarded €994,133, funding over 3-years under GENDER-NET Plus Joint Call on Gender and UN Sustainable Development Goals. The project entitled Overcoming the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Gender Divide: A Cross-Cultural Perspective will provide a nuanced understanding of how gender is a decisive factor in women’s participation in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. In order to achieve this, the project will focus on a specific facet of entrepreneurship and gender: namely women’s technology entrepreneurship and how this relates to femininity and masculinity in different cultural contexts. A cross-cultural comparison between Ireland, Sweden, Norway, and Israel will thus help to explain variations and similarities with regard to gender in entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem frameworks. The findings generated will inform policy development aimed at inclusivity and sustainability, thus benefiting both women and men.


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