Ui May Tan, MBA 2017-19 (VHI Healthcare)

Losing my favourite cousin at age 12 gave me the drive to embark on a medical career. I left my home of Penang, Malaysia at age 17 to pursue my future. I did my A-Levels in Cambridge, UK and was later accepted to study medicine in the Royal College of Surgeons. I moved to Ireland in 1996 and since then, Ireland has been my home.

By 2010, I had completed my vocational training and was qualified as a GP. I joined VHI Healthcare part-time in 2009, initially involved in an EU Diabetes Research Project called DEXLIFE however, my responsibilities and corporate involvement expanded when I was made a Health and Wellbeing Clinical Lead.

MBA student Ui May Tan

Since a large part of my job involves dealing with corporate clients, the MD qualification is highly credible however, the MBA has created the commercial connection, thus fulfilling the formal training in business that I was lacking. I believe the DCU MBA programme has broadened my skill set and understanding of business strategy, development and execution. This will continue to broaden the number of roles I could fulfil in the organisation and allow me to contribute more to the strategic development of VHI.  My knowledge of clinical and MBA skillsets has boosted my potential to add greater organisational value through playing a more valuable role in areas of people management and leadership, strategy development, PNL responsibilities and more.

My ability to build and maintain relationships with clients, colleagues and other service providers has allowed me to establish a strong network, helping me to grow and integrate into our business. With having done the DCU MBA, this will further strengthen my position in the corporate world. Innovation is really important to me and I have the vision to go beyond amalgamating health and business (just like how Apple is integrating Healthcare with digital technology).

The MBA program at DCU is well-known for its unique approach to developing the business leaders of tomorrow. This will be a perfect place to extend my network. I feel the programme so far encourages multidisciplinary exploration, which is very unique and will help me advance myself and my capability, hence contributing to the growth of the company making us the next best healthcare provider in the industry. I sincerely believe that it is imperative to understand these various concepts in order to make better decisions. I continue to look forward to various professional and academic challenges that await me while I embark into the 2nd semester, and this will help me develop relevant skills particularly in the financial aspect, so that I can continue my vision of innovation and management in the health sector.

During my first term in the programme, I have learned and used my networking capability in handling challenging obstacles and to open ‘doors’ and opportunities heading a step closer to my goals. I’ve learned that small dreams may come true and value those who have helped me, supporting me (love ones, family, friends and colleagues) more because, without them, there is no me.

About the DCU Executive MBA

The DCU Executive MBA is a two-year part-time programme, delivered one day per week, for executives with ambitions of becoming Senior Managers/CEOs. At DCU Business School we believe that the Executive MBA should be a transformative experience at a personal level.

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