Congratulations to the following students and their supervisors who were awarded doctorate degrees at the November graduation ceremony:

Vanessa Diaz Moriana
Principal Supervisors: Dr Eric Clinton and Dr Teresa Hogan
Thesis Title: “Long-Term Orientation in Multi-Generational Family Firms: A Multiple Case Study Analysis

Stephen Fitzgerald
Principal Supervisor: Professor Finian Buckley
Thesis Title: “Self-Regulation and Retirement:How Regulatory Focus Affects Pre-retirement Anxiety and Affect

Louise Marie Gorman
Principal Supervisors: Professor Theo Lynn, Dr Mark Mulgrew
Thesis Title: “The Role of the Broadsheet Newspaper Media in Corporate Governance: An Exploration into the Market of Corporate Control

Grace Kenny
Principal Supervisor: Professor Regina Connolly
Thesis Title: “To Protect my Health, or to Protect my Health Data?’ Examining the Influence of Health Information Privacy Concerns on Citizens’ Health Technology Adoption”

Ashley O’Donoghue
Principal Supervisors: Professor Edel Conway,Dr Janine Bosak
Thesis Title: “How Constructive and Destructive Leaders Influence Follower Well-being Through the Pathways of Affect and Follower Self-conscious Emotions


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