Ireland’s only university honouring Women Entrepreneurship Week!

At DCU we like to challenge the popular assumptions of entrepreneurship as being an individual-based form of organising with purely economic finalities. Rather we support the everydayness of entrepreneurship whereby it is a type of action deeply embedded within the fabric of society as opposed to traits possessed by a few heroic (male) individuals!

By taking a more inclusive standpoint – which we refer to as ‘entrepreneuring’ at DCU – we broaden what is traditionally viewed as entrepreneurship (solely starting a business), which allows us to appreciate other exciting forms of entrepreneurial activities such as social entrepreneurship, civic entrepreneurship, gig entrepreneurship and academic entrepreneurship. This inclusive approach also broadens who can do entrepreneurship, as we believe entrepreneurship is open to all, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or any other social and cultural trappings.

Inspiring a new generation of women

During 13th and 20th October 2018, DCU are delighted to be the only Irish University participating in the Women Entrepreneurship Week, a unique global event aimed at inspiring more women to found businesses.

Women bring something unique and special to the entrepreneurial table, so I am delighted that as a result of this initiative, we have the opportunity to celebrate their uniqueness and to also provide the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders (both male and female) with access to credible role models.

Women Entrepreneurship Week Events at DCU:

  • Tracey Cusack of Zest Catering Ltd – 18th October
  • Talita Holzer CEO and Founder of – 18th October
  • Accenture Women in Tech Event – 19th October – tickets available on Eventbrite!

Promoting female entrepreneurship and leadership is integral to DCU Business School. Professor Maura McAdam is a nationally and internationally recognised scholar within the area of entrepreneurship, having a particular expertise in gender, technology, entrepreneurship and family business. She is DCU Director of Entrepreneurship and author of Female Entrepreneurship. You can connect with Maura on Twitter or LinkedIn, and keep up to date with Women Entrepreneurship Week by following #WEW2018.


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