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Sorcha Killian, a fourth-year double-degree student from Dublin City University in Ireland, was named the Canadian Association of Business Students (CABS) ‘All-Star Executive of the Year’ for her accomplishments as Vice-President of Corporate Relations with the Goodman Business Students’ Association (BSA).

Sorcha tells us why she chose Global Business in DCU and how she’s finding the experience.

I choose to attend DCU specifically for the Global Business Degree. It is unlike any other degree offered across Ireland. This kind of opportunity is so incredible and with the world becoming so globalised it is such an advantage to have this kind of degree.

I started my degree in DCU where I spent my first two years and then moved to Goodman School of Business, Ontario, for my final two years.  I loved the community at DCU when I was there. I was heavily involved in my time at DCU being President of the Mental Health Society which is still one of the absolute highlights of my undergraduate career.

My experience in Canada has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I had the opportunity to study abroad but also become an integrated person in a foreign society.  I also got the opportunity to live and work in Toronto during my work experience period which was absolutely incredible.

I also was awarded the opportunity to travel internationally through an international case competition with Goodman BSA. I spearheaded a team who won first place at the International World Trade Center Competition.

Goodman BSA President Aidan Gihula:

“Sorcha is a rockstar,” he said. “She is a cheerleader, the hardest worker, the most creative and the most willing to take calculated risks. Her leadership skills have blossomed this year and I cannot be prouder of her efforts and what she has accomplished.”

Killian’s achievement underscores the opportunities that lie on both sides of the double-degree program, noted Goodman Dean Andrew Gaudes.

Regarding the award, I was chosen as Executive of the year by the Canadian Association of Business Schools. They choose one person across the whole of Canada so it was a huge surprise.  I was nominated by my president for my role as Executive Vice President of the Business Students Association and as my role as Founder and President of Brock WIB (Women in Business).  WIB was an initiative I created this year after I realised I was one of two women on our executive board as opposed to 13 men.  The club has been ratified and we ran several events and conferences this year.  We had 8 female CEOs come from all over Canada to our flagship event The Rise which was really fantastic and we did a lot of work with Women In STEM.

Getting involved in Canada not only gave me incredible skills and experience, I also made some of the best friends I’ve ever had and grew in ways I could never have imagined.  Having international experience is obviously incredibly important but in reality it’s the skills you learn having to move abroad to a place where you know nothing and no one that really prepares you for the real world. You learn how to thrive in challenging and dynamic situations and it gives you a certain edge when it comes to excelling in future work scenarios.

I couldn’t recommend Global Business in DCU enough!  It completely transformed my path.  Not only did I love the environment at DCU but it also gave me a fantastic support service to launch myself internationally.  I’ve actually convinced several people to take the course after me so I couldn’t be a bigger proponent of it!

The BA in Global Business (Canada) combines a broad understanding of international business with intercultural experience and work placements. This degree is unique in that students have the chance to participate in two work placements and earn two business degrees in two countries.

During the four years, students gain the necessary knowledge and skills to meet the challenges of the diverse worlds of global and local business.

Spending the first two years in DCU (including a work placement in Ireland), and then the final two years in Brock University (Ontario), our partner in Canada, students study North American history, politics and business practice, and also have the option to study a second language. Brock University, founded in 1964 at the centre of Canada’s Niagara Peninsula, is the only university in Canada based in a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.


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