Project 2020 is the DCU Business School Industry Engagement Strategy designed to support DCU’s vision of being Ireland’s ‘University of Enterprise’.

DCU Business School’s vision to be the primary interface between higher education, government and industry in the Eastern corridor of Ireland within ten year by stimulating enterprise through research, education and support for enterprise development. The objectives of the project are:

  • To deliver and develop business education in the Eastern corridor
  • To provide hands-on assistance to new and existing local businesses, non-profits and communities in the Eastern corridor
  • To assist in the attraction and confirmation of site location of multinationals and other large employers in the Eastern corridor
  • To stimulate innovation, commercialization, collaboration and entrepreneurial activity in the Eastern corridor

What differentiates this project is the hard targets Project 2020 proposes to achieve by 2020, namely:

  • 20,000 industry engagement events (an individual activity where a business or professional organization engages somehow with DCU Business School)
  • 200 industry-funded research projects
  • 20 start-ups or spin-outs by DCU Business School students or graduates
  • 20% of credits in any programme will engage industry in some substantive form

Industry engagement in DCU Business School is a portfolio of bi-directional activities between DCU Business School and business, government and professional communities, both nationally and internationally, in research projects, education programmes and enterprise development for the benefit of stakeholders in the Eastern Corridor and beyond.  Figure 1 below describes some of the different ways we engage with industry.

dcubs project 2020


If you are interested in attending any of our events or working with DCU Business School students or faculty, please get in touch with our Director of Industry Engagement, Dr Theo Lynn at



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