DCU Executive MBAs had a very insightful tour and presentation from the business development director on the IOT (Internet of things) incubation hub that is DCU Alpha as part of the Technology module with Des McLaughlin.

“It was especially interesting how the facilities include office space, laboratories and prototyping all in one vicinity which allows start-ups to test and create products in real time. A special point was made about how the founders of these companies regularly meet in the coffee shop onsite and share ideas which is invaluable when starting a business” said Emma McCabe, Marketing Communications Manager at Horseware Products Ltd and current 2nd year DCU Executive MBA participant. “There are a number of DCU Executive MBA participants already on the path to starting business’s and to know that this strategically moulded facility for entrepreneurs exists is very exciting. Some of us might be dropping in for coffee soon!”

The Technology Management module, delivered in the second year of the DCU Executive MBA Programme, is designed to help students to understand what technology is, and how technology can be used effectively in business to underline the business model and provide a basis for advantage.


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